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Check out trail reviews of Puget Sound area hikes.  Expect lots of pictures and detailed information to plan your trip.

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In depth reviews of outdoor gear with a special focus on products that you’ll find useful in the Northwest.

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Hiking Olympic National Park

Everything you need to get you started.

Recent Posts

MSR Evo Ascent Review

The Evo Ascent snowshoe is a versatile and durable snowshoe I would recommend as your first choice for mountain snowshoeing.

6 Ways to Make Snowshoeing More Comfortable

Tips and gear to make your snowshoeing adventure as comfortable as possible.

How to Layer for Snowshoeing

If you’re trying to figure out how best to layer your clothing for a snowshoeing adventure the first thing you need to understand is why you should layer instead of just buying the biggest heaviest coat around. This post will go over some of the basics of layering and why it’s important.

REI Heliovale Jacket Review

In depth review of the REI Heliovale jacket

REI Trail 40 Review

The REI Trail 40 is a great value and a very versatile bag. Read on for an in depth review.

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