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Beginners Guide to Hiking Backpacks

What you need, what's useful and what brands to pay attention to!

Recent Blog Posts

Hiking in Trail Running Shoes

I use trail running shoes when hiking about 75% of the time. I own hiking boots and I own insulated snow boots. Both have their place but my trail running shoes are my 3 season go-to shoes. This post is primarily about understanding why you don't need hiking boots in most cases and where trail running shoes are and are not appropriate.

REI Tarn 12 Review

The REI Tarn 12 is a hiking backpack designed to fit 5-8 year olds.  It's made of rugged material, has a few features that you would expect in an outdoor focused bag and looks pretty cool.  It's also cheap enough that you can pretty easily justify it when it goes on sale.

Hiking with Kids

Getting your child interested in hiking isn't always easy or straightforward but it will pay dividends for the rest of their lives.  The benefits may not be obvious to a small child, however.  This post is is intended to give you some ideas about how to get your son or daughter interested in hiking.

Preventing Blisters While Hiking

Blisters are the worst thing that can happen during a hiking trip with the exception of being attacked by a couple hundred pounds of pure muscle and claws.  So, short of Wolverine jumping you in the middle of a forest the thing you should fear the most is… friction.  Blisters are caused by friction and a good way to frame the problem is to understand that you're not trying to prevent blisters, you're trying to reduce friction.

5 Backpacking Tips to Keep you Comfortable

This post may contain affiliate links.  For more information, see my about page hereThe Little Things As with many things your time spent backpacking in the woods will be made more enjoyable by paying attention to the small stuff.  Sure your pack is epic, your tent is...

MSR Evo Ascent Review

The Evo Ascent snowshoe is a versatile and durable snowshoe I would recommend as your first choice for mountain snowshoeing.

How to Layer for Snowshoeing

If you're trying to figure out how best to layer your clothing for a snowshoeing adventure the first thing you need to understand is why you should layer instead of just buying the biggest heaviest coat around. This post will go over some of the basics of layering and why it's important.

Hiking Gear Warranties

For the most part hiking doesn't require a lot of specialized gear. For very short (less than a mile or two) well trafficked hikes street clothes and tennis shoes will often suffice. It's when you start going longer distances and tackling more tricky terrain that you...

What Hiking Gear You Really Need

Starting out hiking it can be a hard to try and figure out what you actually need, what you can make due with and what you can probably do without. This guide will walk you through some of the basics of what you need and what you can live without to get you outdoors...

Backpacking the Hoh River Trail

The Hoh River Trail in Olympic National Park is one of the most popular backpacking trips in the Northwest. It's popular because it's not that hard, it's well maintained, the glacier at the end is awesome and there are a bunch of pit toilets. Put all that together and...

Eddie Bauer High Route Fleece Hoodie

Recommendation The spot this fills for a hiker is a mid-weight middle layer that isn’t made of cotton. It also works great in a casual setting but it’s slightly loose around the bottom so you’re probably best served trying it on first if you can. It’s been durable and...

Eddie Bauer Guide Pro Pants Review

This post may contain affiliate links.  For more information, see my about page here Recommendation To summarize my opinion on these pants: If you’re looking to spend less than $50 on a pair of hiking pants buy them as soon as their next big sale hits, which is...

What Hiking Gear to Splurge On and What Not to

Quality always matters but sometimes it matters more than others. When you're taking up hiking it's easy to get sucked into buying gear that is more expensive than you need. Knowing when those extra bucks are worth it is important when you're just starting out. Side...

Guided Snowshoeing in the Seattle Area

Problem: You want to hike high elevation trails near Seattle but want to avoid sinking knee deep in snow when you walk. Solution: Snowshoes. There are quite a few amazing places to snowshoe in Western Washington and the main obstacles to enjoying yourself among the...

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